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Well, gradually, little by little, all the other work I need to do for university is dying down, and bit by bit I’m able to turn my head towards writing this orchestral piece. I just need to write a quartet for the BCMG and then I’m pretty much free (I think this may be one of those few moments in life when I’m a little frustrated to be having to write for the BCMG!)

I’ve got my basic blueprints for this piece, at least, and my basic form. As I’m overly secretive about these things, I’ll only give you a little snippet of what exactly is happening in the mind of Joshua Penduck: essntially, I’m going to be writing a fast piece, which moves from being fanfare-like (I have a fear my trumpeters will not know what hit them – but hopefully not), to a more granite-like textures, full of massive chords (think of sailing from the open sea towards some imposing cliffs on the coast…).

If anyone out there is actually interested, I also have some of my technicaL, structural aspects beginning to fit into place. To put it briefly (and virtually incomprehensibly): I am basing the piece on a seven-note 3-octave chord, which, when turned into a set of notes, is put through a series of measures (i.e. a rotational transpositional scheme, creating harmony; a Babbittian process of transfering chordal intervals into rhythm) to create my harmonic and rhythmic templates. Now did you understand that? I know I don’t!

Hopefully, I’ll be back with you soon, with a lot more technical mumbo-jumbo up my sleeve!
Joshua Penduck

August 2020
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