Well, what can I say? I have started writing a lot, and although some of the quality is questionable, it feels good to be in the process of writing.  So many questions get thrown up and then answered by circumstance.  I’m really enjoying digging into my jazz chord hall of fame.  Of course, I also know that the material I’m using goes past so quickly, that ultimately, I will have to sacrifice their richness for the sake of clarity.  Oh well. And so on to South African Print Making.  After the LSO’s concert for A Journey through Life, I have been thinking a lot about image and music.  The only other orchestral example I have seen was Adés’ Seven Days, which used a very different technique.  I have been around Southern African prints all my life, and they are deeply fascinating to me.  To what end, I don’t know, but I think that I have a way to investigate this relationship between image and sound.  William Kentridge and Ndavasla Muafangejo are the starting points for me with this.  Oops, just checked the time – five mintues…… Better stop.!